Pro Wax 100 Heater Reviews

Pro Wax 100 Heater Reviews

Pro Wax 100 Heater Reviews

With a busy life, one rarely has time for themselves. This means so many missed spa days, trips to the salon, or even having very little time to groom yourself on a daily basis. However, it can’t be skipped either and is important for business meetings or friendly gatherings.

To ensure that you get the time to groom yourself, a Pro Wax 100 Heater is the greatest helper. Whether it is wearing a skirt or a sleeveless top, this product will ensure that even when you don’t have the time, you could get that silky, smooth skin while at home.

Pro Wax 100 Heater Reviews

The following is one of the top products that we recommend to our readers!

LUOLLOVE Pro Wax 100 Wax Heater 

LUOLLOVE Pro Wax 100 Wax Heater Kit for Easy Hair Removal at Home, Includes 4 Depilatory Hot Wax (2 Bags of Wax in The Pot) + 10 Wooden Spatulas, Adjustable Temperature and Auto Shut-Off Function
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LUOLLOVE Pro Wax 100 Wax Heater Kit for Easy Hair Removal at Home, Includes 4 Depilatory Hot Wax (2 Bags of Wax in The Pot) + 10 Wooden Spatulas, Adjustable Temperature and Auto Shut-Off Function
  • ▶SALON QUALITY PRO-WAX 100 KIT - With up-graded ABS material and premium copper wires.400cc capacity aluminum alloy liner with handle,durable & safe to use.
  • ▶NATURAL INGREDIENT WAX BEADS - Natural pine resin, coconut oil, mineral oil, skin friendly,non-irritating.
  • ▶INTELIGENT TEMPERATURE CONTROL - The wax heater will automatically turn off and then automatically start to protect the engine when the machine is overheated, the wax melting process repeats itself.So it is safe without the risk of scalding.
  • ▶MELTS ALL TYPES of WAXES - LUOLLOVE pro wax 100 can melt and heat all types of waxes, such as hard wax, soft wax,wax beads, wax can,wax block,paraffin wax, creme wax and more.
  • ▶SAVE YOUR MONEY & TIME - The professional wax kit includes 1 wax warmer + 400g hot wax + 10 wooden spatulas,you can easily enjoy a salon-like hair removal experience at home.

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LUOLLOVE is a company that is all about the comfort of its clients. Its products are accommodating and safe. With the wax heater, the product is incredibly durable and high-quality.


With upgraded ABS material and premium copper wires, this wax heater is a perfect product for quick use. With a 400cc limit aluminium amalgam liner with a handle, this product is extremely durable. It is also extremely safe to utilize. The wax heater will naturally turn off and afterwards automatically begin to ensure that the motor does not get ruined.

When the machine is cold again and needs reheating, the wax melting process begins again. So, it is safe without the danger of burning. It comes with a blinker light which allows the user to see when the heater is fully heated or is heating again to ensure that there are no burns.

The wax heater has a knob on the front that allows the user to change the heat settings according to their needs. It also comes with a break-resistant covering which allows the wax to stay heater for quite a while and melt quicker as well. The aluminium pot inside is removable which makes it easier to clean.

This wax heater comes with multiple packets of wax and an applier, so you can save time and money. LUOLLOVE professional wax 100 can dissolve and warmth a wide range of waxes, for example, hard wax, delicate wax, wax globules, wax can, wax block, paraffin wax, creme wax, and the sky is the limit from there.

Customer Verdict

When it comes to wax heaters, whether it is for professional or personal use, the biggest concern is quality and durability. When investing in a product that is ideal for quick use, it is always best to find one that you can easily rely on, knowing it won’t be ruined in a few uses.

LUOLLOVE is appreciated for its amazing quality. It is extremely easy to use and it is even easier to clean. It is accommodating to any kind of wax that you might use. It is safe and its automatic shut-down prevents skin burns. This product is the ideal investment for any individual.

Buying Guide

This purchasing guide is here to assist you with picking the correct wax radiator for you and your business. Regardless of whether you are a versatile waxologist or salon based, we have a wide scope of items to browse.

How Much Wax Can The Heater Hold?

While picking another wax radiator, you ought to consider how much wax you need in the warmer to have the option to hold at one time. On the off chance that you will in general do a ton of waxing on your entire body, you may require a radiator that holds a lot of wax. On the off chance that you wax smaller areas, that won’t be the need.


Speed: The radiator should warm the wax rapidly and securely, permitting you to work proficiently.

Distribution: The warmth ought to be conveyed equitably, permitting the wax to dissolve completely.

Consistency: It ought to keep a reliable temperature and have the option to hold heat for a significant stretch of time. This will help avoid burns.

Controls, Display And Maintenance

Having the option to control and keep up the radiator is vital. While exploring which radiator you should buy, ensure you consider the controls and temperature show.

Controlling the temperature on the radiator effectively will upgrade the polished skill of your professionalism. On the off chance that you are a specialist or you don’t have a great deal of time between customer visits, you might need to decide on a warmer that you can clean without any problem. A few radiators permit you to embed the wax pot simply into the machine for simple, wreck free heating and no wastage. The less maintenance required, the better.

Does The Heater Need To Be Portable?

If you are always on the run or travel for business, it will be best for the product to be easy to take around. If you are a mobile waxologist, then a portable wax heater will be the best investment for your business and customers. Convenience for your customers can lead to good tips!

Price And Longevity

Cost is significant when making any purchase, in any case, you ought to likewise consider the quality and life span of the machine you are purchasing. It will be speculation about your business. In the event that you have consistently busy periods, it would merit putting resources into a great machine, so you wouldn’t have to change it at any point in the near future.

However, if you are buying a personal wax heater, then it is better to invest in a cheaper model rather than a really expensive one since its use will not be as frequent.

Pro Wax 100 Heater Reviews


In conclusion, a great wax heater can be a great investment for busy individuals taking on the world. It will keep you on top of your grooming, help you look gorgeous, but save you loads of time, money, and trips to the salon as well.

With the Pro Wax 100 Heater, getting rid of unwanted hair is even easier than usual. A great investment goes a long way and keeps you happy! 


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