Indoor Gas Heater Reviews

Indoor Gas Heater Reviews

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The winter has come, so are the heaters. What are the best indoor gas heaters? Do you want to check indoor gas heater reviews before making your decision?

The question we ask and search every year to grab a new piece of a heater to lit our room and surrounding with good and heat. What does the market offer in this category?

We wondered. After an extensive search and compilation, we brought you the best five indoor gas heaters reviews.

This compilation was made independently, based on the features, durability, cost-effectiveness, and users’ feedback. 

In a rush? Jump down to the following table where we have summarized the best indoor gas heaters to buy in 2021. 

ProductFeaturesLatest Prices
Glow Warm Portable Gas HeaterCeramic Heat Plates
Fitted with 21mm butane regulator
3 Heat Settings –
Dimensions: 76 x 46 x 41 cm
10.16 Kilograms
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Eden Gas Greenhouse Heater2.0Kw Greenhouse heater
Oxygen Depletion System
Thermostatically controlled
Piezo ignition & safety valve
Dimensions: 30 x 13 x 48.01 cm
4 Kilograms
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Bright Spark Gas HeaterPiezo automatic ignition
heating 3 hours –
A4 Butane
Suitable for greenhouses and tents.
29 x 27 x 20 cm;
2.34 Kilograms
Check Price Here
Honeywell Heavy Duty Heater2.5 kW heating 
All metal construction
Cooling fan
Child safeguard
switchoverheat protection
3 years guarantee
Dimensions: 21.2 x 29.2 x 47.6 centimetres
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Famgizmo 30KW Gas Space HeaterIndustrial fan gas heaterAir
Output: 650m³ / h 
Heating Space 600m2  
Fuel Consumption; 2.18KG/hr
Fan assisted
Automatic overheat protection 
Check Price Here

Indoor Gas Heater Reviews

Glow Warm Portable Gas Heater

This portable gas heater has a conventional design and very robust construction overall. You can set it up very simply while the robustness is guaranteed. 


This is a very simple designed gas heater with a back tray for the cylinder. The ceramic plates are very well fitted and don’t break by overheating, as in the case of a few gas heaters in the market. 

It features 3 heat settings – 1.5 – 4.1 KW. Works perfectly fine, with no leakage or missing at all. Concerned about oxygen depletion? Don’t you worry at all, as it has an oxygen depletion sensor and turns off when the oxygen is depleted.  

Castors are fitted for easy movement, while the overall design including buttons and corners, is developed ergonomically. Glow warm heater operates up to 15 kg butane. The regulator comes with it is 21mm; that is only for the UK and not suitable for NI/Ireland. Very much simple to assemble and connect. There is no complaint of fumes, smell, or leakage. 

Indoor Gas Heater Reviews


Eden Gas Greenhouse Heater

Want something eco-friendly in times of carbon-pollution? That would be a favor to not only your own house but to the universal cause of decreasing pollution. Here is one of the indoor heaters that you can grab this winter. 


It has a dark green metallic finish which can suit any kind of interior design. The ergonomics are well addressed to make it user friendly. The feet are well taken care of and offer great stability to the heater. The system is quite simple compared to other greenhouse heaters. 

The valves are made of high duty brass that would promise you a long life without any rust and smut. It features a thermostatically controlled system to keep heating in order to what you are required in the living room or hall. 

It has an oxygen depletion system, so whenever the oxygen level is depleted, the heater will turn off automatically, thus saving you and your atmosphere. The piezo ignition is installed so you don’t need any hassle of matches or lighter, it will take care of itself. With all the robust design, great features, it is a perfect indoor gas heater. 

Compact and Robust  

Bright Spark Gas Heater

Want something compact, small, easy to move, and use for both indoor and outdoor heating? Check out this gas heater by “Bright Spark”. 


This is the most compact, robust, and one of the high rated heaters on the market. The size looks small? Well, it produces 1.3 KW heating with highly efficient ceramic elements. The exhaustion holes are well placed in the upper and below part of the heater. Can last up to 3 hours on full heat mode from A4 butane battery, which by the way, is not included in the package. 

It produces instant heat unlike electric heaters, which take time and energy to lit up. The Piezo automatic ignition is installed, so you don’t need to take the stress of caring for a matchbox or lighter. At the top of the heater, a nice ergonomic handle is fixed which you can use to move it here and there. The buttons for ON-OFF are nicely designed for a user-friendly experience.  

For its compactness and small size, you can move it out to your greenhouse, tent, or patio for heating. However, make sure your tent or greenhouse is well ventilated, before heating them.

Customers’ Verdict 

We have observed that, while buying a heater, customers look for a few basic things, such as oxygen depletion detection, eco-friendly technology, Piezo ignition and quality of valves the manufacturer used in these heaters. As for as above mentioned products are concerned, we have picked them up after clearing all the basic doubts and concerns of a user. 

Glow warm heater has answered all the questions of customers e.g robust design, ignition, ceramic plates, ergonomic design etc. The users’ verdict is unbelievably great. Eden gas heaters are greatly made for a user’s friendly experience. Users feedback about design, ignition, valves and overall set up is five stars. We haven’t seen anything bad being reported by the users. 

Bright Spark heater got so many approvals by the happy customers. However, some of the users weren’t happy with the heat intensity which is 1.3KW, so if you are looking for huge heating, this is not for you. The rest, such as ignition, design, valves, plates etc have been greatly applauded by the customers. Honeywell and Famgizmo heaters are also the highlights of some of the best heaters on the market. Which one did you like the most? 


The best heater is the one which makes your surroundings comfortable with healthy heat and no oxygen depletion. The rest depends on you i.e size, power, heating capacity and of course your budget. We hope you find the best one. 


I am John Oakley. I love to share tips and reviews on products to keep our homes warm and comfortable.

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