How To Lower Gas Bill In Winter?

How To Lower Gas Bill In Winter

In this short guide, I will explain how to lower gas bill in winter so read on…

The proficiency, affordability, and comfort of gas make it the most preferred and popular source across the globe. Most users rely on and like to use gas instead of other power sources, especially in the chilly and cold winters. The most common use of gas in a household comes for heating. In fact, most users utilize natural gas as their main heating source.

But this wide usage of gas results in high energy bills, especially in the colder months. But you can lower your gas bills and save considerably by modifying your daily routine habits. Good driving habits also contribute to the world, save you some bucks, and are also better for our dear planet.

So, if you are wondering how to do so or want to manage your home’s overall gas consumption, especially in cold months, you’re not alone; there are thousands. In this read, we will give you some tips about how you can lower your gas bills in winters if it gets too high.

How To Lower Gas Bill In Winter?

Service the furnace

Sometimes spending a bit save you a lot of money. In this regard, experts recommend that you should hire an expert for the inspection of your furnace on a half-yearly or yearly basis. This inspection will cost you a bit, but you can save a good amount of money, and you will get a clear picture and condition of your furnace.

Similarly, professionals also recommend that you must change your air filter at the start of the year and then again in the colder months.

Furthermore, don’t go for the cheap air filters; instead, buy a good one. Initially, you will feel it expensive, but it will save you money in the long run. Moreover, new air filters are necessary for your furnace, especially in the colder months.

Another thing that you should do is to hire someone to check your ductwork. You can also do the task by yourself, but professionals are recommended. Fix leaks in ductwork as they are the most common problem and present in every household. According to the experts, around 30 per cent of heat and air is lost due to leakages in the ductwork.

Blocked Vents and Obstructed Airflow

The placement or positioning of the furniture and appliances inside your house can block or limit vents and airflow. In this case, your gas heating system will work more, and it will become difficult for it to maintain a comfortable temperature inside your home. So, check and rectify if needed.

Turn Down the Temperature of Water Heater

Some homeowners set water heaters as high as 140 degrees, and that is too hot, and many of us don’t need that hot water for everyday uses. To save money on your monthly gas expenses or curtail the bills, check your water heater settings and temperature. If required, adjust the temperature accordingly and set it to a comfortable level.

Insulate your house

In this case, we will suggest you look out for all the cracks, holes, and other similar faults in your home and then seal all of them. Similarly, check for drafts around sewerage and water pipes, doors, windows, and electrical and outlets. Draft blockers and outlet sealers are not that expensive, and they can fix many such problems.

Furthermore, ensure that your home’s insulation is in working condition. If you have an old house, check for the up-gradation or seek an expert’s advice. You can also identify the insulation problem in your home by yourself.

If you notice that snow melts quickly off your roof or you see snow icicles, there is a problem. Sealing up cracks can solve this is an issue if it is not severe. Or else you will have to hire professionals for the repair.

And finally, close the window blinds at night. Open blinds and curtains are good for sunny days but not at night. If you close them, you can easily prevent up to a 10 per cent heat loss from one room. These minor changes can save you a lot of money in the long run and reduce overall consumption.

How To Lower Gas Bill In Winter

Window Stripping

When working and sealing the cracks, ensure that your window and door stripping is in working condition. This is crucial in cold months as things or stripping materials shrink due to the cold. If you are unable to deal with the issue on your own, hire a professional to seal cracks around the walls, windows, and doors.

Lower the thermostat

Most people love to live in a warm and cosy home, and that’s why they spend too much on their heating or gas bills. This is becoming a new trend, and sometimes the rooms or homes are at unnecessarily warm temperatures.

Experts recommend that you should maintain an adequate temperature in your room or home and if you still feel cold, grab that extra blanket to keep yourself warm instead of raising the temperature. As per experts, the ideal temperature is 68 degrees during the day in cold months, and you can lower it down to 60 degrees at night.

Similarly, experts also recommend shutting off your heating system when no one is home or when you are at work. In all of these cases, a smart thermostat can help you significantly. You can switch them 30 minutes before you get home so that you will get that toasty house again. Smart thermostats are handy, and they can save you up to 20 per cent on your monthly gas bill.

It’s wise to use a humidifier

A humidifier keeps you warm but without affecting or hovering your gas bill. By using a humidifier, you can save a drastic amount on your gas bills. In cold months air in the environment is moist, and by running a humidifier when the heat is on, you can save energy and get that much-needed warmth.

Check if your gas company provides ‘budget billing.’

Check whether your utility provider is offering budget billing or not. In this way, they will tell you your estimated gas bill and usage. Many service providers offer this ‘budget billing’ facility in which they evaluate your past usage and provide you an estimated or average cost that you will have to pay every month.

This facility can help you in maintaining your monthly costs, but it will not save you any money or energy. The energy supplier has various plans based on the timings, usage, and as per your routine. In some cases, they can also build a customized plan for you, but that’s very rare.

Differentiate Your Energy usage:

If you feel that other energy sources are cheaper but don’t compromise the effectiveness, then you can try them. For example, if you think that by installing electric heat pumps you can save more money compared to natural gas, switch to it. Or you think that installing energy-efficient solar panels are more beneficial than gas, try them.

Lock in the charges:

One of the proven methods is to lock in the rates when it comes to reducing your gas bills. Price or charges of natural gas prices frequently fluctuate with time, and they are dependent on the supply and demand.

But locking in your rates can avoid those drastic swings, and you will see a great reduction in your energy bills. Consider locking in rates when they are their minimum, like in the shoulder months; April or September.

Reduced Natural Gas Supply

It’s possible that gas prices are high in your area because of limited supply. Similarly, this can also happen due to improper pipeline infrastructure or high demand for gas in your place. Either way, it will result in high gas bills.

Change Suppliers

If none of the above-mentioned changes works for you, the last thing that you can try to lower down the gas bills is to switch the supplier. If you feel that your current supplier’s prices are too high, you can try a different company. In this way, you can easily save substantial amounts on your monthly or yearly gas bills just by changing suppliers.


With these 12 tips, you can reduce your gas bills by up to 50% during the winter. The next time an offer comes in from a natural gas provider, be sure to do some research before making a decision. Our blog post has helped make that process easier for you; now it’s time for you to get started! Have any of our other great posts inspired or informed you? Let us know so we can keep doing what we’re doing (helping people save money)!

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