Best Outdoor Heaters UK

Best Outdoor Heaters UK

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Outdoor parties are the highlight of every spring and autumn. The pleasant seasons make the air smell fresher and cleaner. However, if these parties go well into the night, it does tend to get chilly. To tackle that issue, all you need is to buy anyone of the following best outdoor heaters UK market is offering.

Gasdepot Real Flame Outdoor Pyramid Patio Heater (13KW) - Stainless Steel
  • Can be used all-year round: for warmth in the cooler months, or as an ambient gas flare for the summer
  • Can accommodate up to a 13kg gas bottle, meaning less frequent gas bottle changes are required
  • Will light up in all weather conditions, without the hassles and dangers of firing it up with matches or lighters
  • Radiates warmth in a circular area
  • Runs on standard 27mm Propane Cylinders - Calor Patio Gas /BP Gas Light /Flogas Leisure (Hose and Regulator Included)

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Blumfeldt Heat Square Infrared Patio Heater with Remote Control - Outdoor Heater, Electric Patio Heater, Variable 1000-2000 Watts, IR ComfortHeat Technology, LED, Ceiling Assembly, Black
  • GENTLE INFRARED HEAT: The Blumfeldt Heat Square electric garden heater with IR ComfortHeat system brings gentle outdoor heating into cool days and nights and illuminates the evening balcony idyll on request!
  • FAST READY: When the temperature drops, turn on the gazebo heater at the touch of a button, select the level of heating you want and breathe life into each party, or dine al fresco late into the night.
  • CEILING INSTALLATION: The garden heaters outdoors is suspended from the ceiling with a 50 cm chain and supplies you with up to 2000 Watt heating power. The IR ComfortHeat system impresses with two extremely durable infrared carbon heating elements.
  • ADJUSTABLE: With the press of a button, you can choose between the three heat levels - 1000 or 2000 watts - within seconds, making it easy to respond to your guests' needs. Or you control the patio heaters electric conveniently with remote.
  • Please be advised that this device comes with a licensed EU to UK converter plug attached. Therefore, we will open the package and pre-install it for your convenience prior to shipping.

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Outsunny Adjustable Power 1000/2500W Infrared Halogen Electric Light Heater, Ceiling Hanging Mount -Black
  • TWO HEAT SETTINGS: 1000W and 2500W - it's easy to set to a temperature which is most comfortable and warming for you. Perfect for use throughout the days and evenings, suitable for many outdoor spaces.
  • DURABLE CASING: Made from selected metal for reliability. Mesh barrier in front of heat output to prevent dangerous direct contact on source.
  • EASY TO USE: Designed with a pull rope, You can easily control the outdoor heater by it
  • INSTALLATION METHOD: Heater is easily attached to gazebo or outdoor ceiling with provided hook and chain.
  • Overall Size: Dia.47.7 x 37.5H cm.

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REALGLOW Bullet Gas Patio Heater 13kw - Table Floor (Stainless Steel Without Outdoor Cover)
  • Efficient and powerful steel burner with adjustable heat output
  • Battery Powered Ignition
  • Battery Powered Ignition 1.3m High
  • Complete with hose and 27mm propane regulator Requires 11kg or 13kg Patio/Leisure Gas (Not Included)

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HH Home Hut Large Fire Pit Steel Folding Outdoor Garden Patio Heater Grill Camping Bowl BBQ With Poker, Grate, Grill with Free Carry Bag
  • The HH Home Hut Large Fire Pit is made of sturdy steel to prevent cracking and damage. Our fire pit has a modern style grill which is rust proof so hardwearing. Made from sturdy and durable steel, this pit can be used as a barbecue and is easy to clean and maintain.
  • The fire pit's internal airflow system yields low smoke and less ash, meaning no more dodging smoke. Not only does it look good, it creates warmth and is easy to use.
  • When burning with a fire pit, we can hold a cheerful gathering of friends beside the radiant flame. We can also put the lid on and use it as a patio to enjoy a delicious breakfast with family and neighbours, especially during leisure time on weekends. This square firepit is perfect for BBQ grilling.
  • The wood-burning fire pit has a square frame and metal legs, equipped with stable feet, which can be firmly placed on any surface. The mesh cover prevents the burning embers from blowing out; poker can be used to cause a fire and remove the mesh cover. Every part is connected using metal hardware.
  • HOME HUT Premium Product, Size: H 40 x D 52 cm Approx.

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This heater will be a perfect addition to your barbeque space, patio, or terrace and it will keep you and all your guests warm and cozy, so the fun doesn’t end! We have some of the highly recommended outdoor heaters for you that work well on the UK’s chilly nights.

The following are some of the best outdoor heaters UK market ofering that you can buy in  2021.

Gasdepot Outdoor Pyramid Heater·   Pyramid design·   Efficient·   Large capacity so fewer cylinder changes·   Self-ignition·   Easy to assemble·   Heat and lightcheck price here
Blumfeldt Heat Square Heater·   Infrared heater·   Hangs from the ceiling·   Comfortheat system·   Adjustable settings·   Remote controlled·   Includes a lightcheck price here
Outsunny Electric Light Heater·   Aluminum frame·   Mesh safety under the heater·   Environmentally friendly·   Lower gas consumption·   Adjustable heat settings·   Easy to install and usecheck price here
Real Glow Gas Patio Heater·   Efficient·   Powerful·   Battery-powered ignition·   Gas heater·   Stainless steel·   High-qualitycheck price here
HH Home Hut Outdoor Heater·   Alloy steel·   Firepit·   Barbeque grill·   Cover bag included·   Skewers included·   Top cover for protectioncheck price here

Best Outdoor Heaters UK

Pyramid Design

Gasdepot Outdoor Pyramid Heater

Gasdepot is dedicated to providing customers with what they need. Fulfilling all requirements and desires, this company is all about its customers!


With its modern design and striking shape, this pyramid outdoor heater will make a jazzy design piece just as being an incredible method to keep yourself as well as other people warm and comfortable! Any place it’s set, this dazzling gas heater will give at the atmospheric shine and warm heat that is ideal for keeping yourself as well as other people relaxed and comfortable consistently.

Whether used outdoor for homes or commercial places, this high-performance heater does not disappoint.

This beautiful gas heater can be used all around the year. It can be used as a heater but also adds to the ambiance. It fits with huge gas cylinders which means longer use and less frequent gas cylinder changes. It also acts as a great source of light which is ideal for late-night get-togethers. It has a self-ignition feature which means that there is no need for matches and lighters to light it up.

This makes it hassle-free and safe. The heater is incredibly easy to assemble and install, without the need for a professional. It also comes with a 1-year warranty which gives the user the reliability that they require.

Warm up your patio with this outstanding product for the coziest environment.

Infrared Heater

Blumfeldt Heat Square Heater

Blumfeldt carries individuality to the garden with its broad outdoor collection. The chosen materials are thoroughly examined and are agelessly perfectly designed. Blumfeldt offers quality at reasonable costs.


The Blumfeldt Heat Square outdoor heater with IR ComfortHeat system brings delicate infrared heat into cool days and evenings and brightens the night balcony idyll on demand! At the point when the temperature drops, turn on the outdoor heater at the dash of a catch, select the degree of warming you need and revive each gathering, or dine outdoors late into the night. With adjustable settings, you can choose which heat level will be ideal for your comfort.

The infrared warmer is hung from the roof with a 50 cm chain and supplies you with up to 2000-Watt heating force. The IR ComfortHeat system intrigues with its two very durable infrared carbon heating components.

With the press of a catch, you can pick between the three heat levels – 800, 1200, or 2000 watts – in no time, making it simple to adjust to your visitors’ necessities. Or on the other hand, you can control the heat and light advantageously with the remote controller that comes along with it. For deliveries in the UK, this heater comes with the plug required to fit the UK switches.

Hanging Heater

Outsunny Electric Light Heater

Outsunny is a well-known brand that provides its users with high-quality and durable products.


The Outsunny hanging infrared heater is an ideal expansion to your indoor or outside space, giving both light and warmth to the area. Hanging this heater with an included chain will assist with keeping you comfortable as you work or make the most of your open-air space. It will also be out of reach of little kids preventing incidents from happening. Its heat can be spread accurately where you need with added 2 power heating methods of 1000w and 2500w. Lightweight, simple to carry, or place in different areas.

This radiator comes with 2 power heating modes which are1000W, 2500W. This is designed with lower energy utilization which gives stable heating and long haul-use. The ability to change between different heat settings allows the user to set the environment however they deem comfortable. The effective aluminum reflector and metal mesh nook under the heating cylinders adds additional assurance.

They allow the warmth to go through but prevent sparks from flying. The heater is also water-proof and has certification (IP24) for open-air use. Meaning even if it is not being used, the rain will not damage the product. This radiator can be handily joined to the gazebo or open-air roof with the given chain and hook. It is easy to install and it will reliably remain to hang, not fall off.

Best Outdoor Heaters UK

Customer Verdict

Outdoor heaters are the perfect addition to one’s space as they provide heat but increase the ambiance. With these radiators, the customer can enjoy their peace of mind. They are easy to install and use and come with many great features that are accommodating and helpful.

Some of the heaters are remote controlled which means no need to touch burning buttons. They are also safe for use as they are hanged which makes them a cool addition to the place but also out of reach of children so there are no incidents. Moreover, they have powerful heating but are still gas efficient.


So the best heaters in the UK, according to us are the ones that we have reviewed. They will be a perfect choice for the UK’s environment and will make date nights in the garden all the more fun. 


I am John Oakley. I love to share tips and reviews on products to keep our homes warm and comfortable.

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