Best Halogen Patio Heaters

Best Halogen Patio Heaters

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This is an unbiased expert review of best halogen patio heaters available in UK market.

People prefer patio heaters to make their outdoor heating installations and enjoy warming up the sitting area of their garden or chill off the alfresco dining setting.

It may be that you need to utilize patio heaters during winter days and have to put everything together in a particular place at home or would be interested in the aesthetic look of an open flame.

Mayhap, you go for its commercial use as it is offering appreciable benefits to the environment and performing better in market places and becoming the most common choice due to its more ECO responsive buyer.

Here we are presenting five models of halogen patio heaters with the essential information that we believe are the best options for home and commercial use.

Some of the best halogen patio heaters that cut above the rest are given below you can find them easily in the UK marketplaces.

Igenix Portable Upright Halogen Electric Heater Heat up a wide area2-setting option 
Maintains heat
Light weight
Instant heat,
Easy to grip
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myAIMS Bathroom Wall HeaterWall hanging            
The heat of infrared rays                                    
Long cable            
Easy to install           
CE certification
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Daewoo Heater Auto 75-degree rotation
3-heat setting options
Maximum heat Spread
Light weighing
Auto turns off to keep room safe 
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Portable Halogen Electric Heater Portable
Good for home and office use                    
Adjustable heat setting   
Safe and silent
Comfortable design
Transport friendly 
Easy installation  
Safety tip on top
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Beldray Portable Halogen Heater Saves energy
3-heat changing options
Infrared heating
Easy to Removable and replaceable halogen tubes
Easy to install
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Buyers’ Guide Table Top Halogen Patio Heater

Halogen electric heaters are a great choice for a patio heater. They work by using electricity, so they don’t require any fuel or natural gas. Halogen electric heaters have halogen bulbs that produce light and heat. Halogen electric heaters can be mounted on a wall or set on the ground with a stand. The most common type of halogen electric heater is the table-top heater that one can place on their table or counter-top.

Halogen electric heaters are very easy to climb on and make a great choice for a back yard heater. They tend to be somewhat smaller in size making them easier to move around in the backyard. Another benefit of halogen is that they don’t require much in the way or maintenence. There is no need to clean out the ashes or other residue like one does with propane or natural gas.

Halogen electric heaters are also very safe for children and animals. Halogen heater doesn’t produce toxic fumes like other heating sources do, which means there is no risk of poisoning if the heater gets knocked over onto the ground.

Halogen electric heaters are relatively inexpensive to purchase and most do not require professional installation.

Halogen electric heaters are a great choice for year round patio heating because they can be used from spring through mid-fall.

For all the benefits halogen electric heaters have, there is one drawback – they will not keep you warm in very low temperatures. The best time to use halogen heaters is during spring and summer months.

Another drawback is the fact that halogen bulbs do not last forever. After about 12 hours of use, you will notice a slight dimming in the brightness of the bulb. Halogen bulbs typically last up to 2 years if used on average 3-5 hours per day. One solution some have used is to purchase a halogen heater with a different color bulb. The reason being is that the brightness of blue color bulbs are not as bright as the red-colored ones, so you will have to replace them less often.

Halogen electric heaters are one of the safest sources for patio heating because they don’t burn any fuel or natural gas. They are also relatively inexpensive compared to propane and natural gas heaters, so you won’t have to break the bank when purchasing a heater for your patio.

If you’re looking for a safe patio heater that is easy to use, then halogen electric is a great choice. It can be used in spring, summer and fall, so you can enjoy outdoor living all year round in your backyard.

Best Halogen Patio Heaters

Igenix Portable Upright Halogen Electric Heater

The top-rated company Igenix has many good factors including its reliability and customer satisfaction. The Igenix served a lot of people and they found it trustworthy.


Is there any alternative to gas heaters in the market? yes! The igenix portable halogen heater not only warms you up but also gives you comfort on your couch as it is the easiest and lightweight to grip and move wherever you want to put it with you.

This igenix portable patio heater contains 2 power options 400W and 800W to maintain your required temperature according to your environment. This product does not only present the quality but also offers the surprising fact of an automatic system of turning off the heater when it seems the rising in temperature this heater automatically cuts off its connection to make that area safe and protected for users.

If we look at the range of spreading heat then this heater is above the rest of them due to its wide range of bringing heat that nobody will miss the chance of getting a warmer setting in a room. 

Runner- up

myAIMS Bathroom Wall Heater

The Winter season encourages you to invest more in warming machines that make you feel better. If you are looking for a suitable product for multiple purposes then you hit up the exact one.

myAIMS offers reliable service and makes a consistent bond between the company and customers by its amazing products.


This Daewoo bathroom wall heater is just amazing, demanding no extra effort to put in and driving the quality service. The heater is not only used for one resolution but also serves for multiple tasks. It can be hung over the wall in your bathroom fitted with a BS plug by a reliable electrician and can also be used in offices, laundry rooms, and garages.

It is Tilt-adjustable and has 2 switch options 600W (1 bar) or 1200W (2 bar) as you can make changes in temperature by using these options. The long cable with a BS 3 pin UK plugs to attach, connect and install easily.

If you are worried about its approval, then stop suffering because this halogen patio heater is approved by CE that ultimately makes it superior.

High-Performance and quiet

Daewoo Heater

The Daewoo company provides good quality Daewoo halogen heaters and gives reliable products to its users. This company assures its customers and satisfies them with their honesty and good commitment before taking orders.


Daewoo heaters are portable and light weighing which is the major factor and makes it an ultimate good product for individuals to carry out without any efforts. It has 3 heat changing options 400W 800W and 1200W to switch the temperature by your own choice and environment.

This heater has also an auto system in it which helps to turn off the heater when that particular area turns into warmer temperature with zero effort which is the best factor you get to know about this Daewoo heater.

The amazing thing about this heater is that it rotates around 75 degrees to spread heat all around the room.

Best Halogen Patio Heaters


For individuals or communities, halogen patio heaters are ideal to utilize due to their low pricing and the valuable services they provide. It is great to have a transportable heater in home and offices or in the garden table to move it with the easy grip and the glow it releases gives aesthetic look and makes the heater more warmth and cozy.

Igenix gives the desired heater to its users to not only comfort them but also to make a catchy outdoor environment with instant heat.

myAIMS comes with its long cable to connect easily and provide wall hanging benefit at anywhere for multi-purposes that is the adjustable and safe heating system of infrared rays also CE approved.

Daewoo brings the solutions to a wide range of heating problems by rotating 75 degrees to spread heat all around the area with 3 temperature changeable options along with the high performance and portable nature.


To feel comfortable while working in colder days of winter, you just need to have halogen patio heaters in your surroundings to make you feel better and relax.


I am John Oakley. I love to share tips and reviews on products to keep our homes warm and comfortable.

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