Best 12V Heater For Campervan

Best 12V Heater For Campervan

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Campervans are the most prized possession of any family that loves adventures. It is incredibly convenient and brings fun to the trips. However, using a camper van in the winters can be extremely difficult if there isn’t a sufficient heating system. But worry not! We bring you some of the best, highly recommended heaters that are ideal for campervans and can be used otherwise as well.

Pick any of the follow best 12v heater for campervan available on the market.

Roadpro 12V Portable Heating Stove·   Convenient·   Comes in a box·   Portable·   Connects to car·   Has a lighter·   Safety featurescheck price here
BESTEK Power Inverter·   Multifunctional·   Safety included·   Ultra-compact·   Lightweight·   Strongly built·   Car chargingcheck price here
Dimplex Personal Desk Heater·   Compact·   Lightweight·   Tip-over protection·   USB ports·   Freestanding·   Standby thermostat·   Clutter-freecheck price here
BESTEK Power Inverter Dual socket·   Cigarette lighting socket·   3-in-1 design·   Compact·   Dual sockets·   USB ports·   Advanced protectioncheck price here
ANSIO PTC Ceramic Tower Heater·   2 power modes·   Tower heater·   Oscillation·   Memory·   Timing functions·   Eco-mode·   Safety featurescheck price here

Best 12V Heater For Campervan

Roadpro 12V Portable Heating Stove

With a huge and broad scope of 12 and 24V accessories and machines for the campervan or RV, Roadpro could have the answer for your necessities. Their goal is to give practical, top-notch items on the move, and at a reasonable cost.


This 12 Volt convenient heating stove from Roadpro is the ideal answer for a pleasant warm supper for when you are out and about. The stove connects to any 12V socket that is equipped for providing 12 amps. It tends to be utilized to warm most sorts of pre-prepared food, ideal for stews, hotdog and beans, hacks, curries, and so on. This product is ideal for campervans and road trips. It can also be used to keep food warm when on a road trip. It is quite simple to use, just place the aluminium food container in and cook whatever is required.

The product comes in a small box that can be opened for use and closed when not in use. The box clicks shut so that there are no incidents and children don’t accidentally burn themselves. The box also features a smaller, in-built box in the back from where the product can be connected to electricity and used for cooking. This box can also be closed shut and also has an on/off button which makes use a whole lot easier and make it incredibly safe.

Best 12V Heater For Campervan


BESTEK Power Inverter

BESTEK provides its user with the best quality products that are durable and reliable. They ensure that their customers are satisfied with their services.


BESTEK inverter gives 300 watts constant DC to AC power with UK AC source and 2 USB charging ports. It is ideal for use on camping trips, travels, or anyplace dc to ac inverter is required. With 230V AC attachments and 4.2A double USB ports, this DC to AC inverter will securely control your TV, inflatable cushion mattress, or just charge your PC, telephone, iPad, tablet, camera, PSP, and so on to guarantee you stay connected with the world while traveling.

iPhone-sized design for space-saving and simple to store at your glove box or armrest box, 24-inch cigarette lighter attachment means the power inverter can be connected to practically any vehicle. Underlying 40 amps fuse, protection against short circuit, overheat, low voltage, and over-voltage are all available. A programmed low-battery closure guaranteeing adequate force accessible to start your vehicle is also included. The strong aluminium alloy housing gives progressed security from drops and knocks. The coordinated cooling fan diminishes heat and forestalls shortages. This product comes with an 18-month warranty.


Dimplex Personal Desk Heater

Dimplex is a well-known brand in the industry and is dedicated to its clients. Their goal is to ensure that nobody ever has a chance to complain about their products.


No need for additional jumpers and gloves at your PC this wintertime of the year with the Dimplex Desk Friend, a minimal, profoundly compact individual artistic radiator. Without jumbling up your work area space, the Desk Friend guarantees you can work easily regardless of whether the remainder of the workplace feels excessively cold. Desk Friend is protected and simple to work, with a comfortable 250-watt single setting for an instant top-up of warmth. The warmer additionally offers a reserve indoor regulator to keep up your work area’s temperature. Should the Desk Friend be coincidentally pushed over it naturally turns itself off.

Ideal for anyplace you need individual warmth help, its smaller size permits it to be set discretely on your home or office work area and the underlying USB port is ideal for charging your cell phone or tablet while you keep yourself warm. The backup indoor regulator empowers the ideal temperature to be kept up and permits you to charge your gadgets in any event, when warmth isn’t being produced.

Customer Verdict

Many customers prefer lightweight, compact, portable, and easy to install heaters for their campervans. They also prefer products that can be easy to rely on and provide long-lasting durability. With the products that we have reviewed above, they can rest assured that they will fulfil their requirements and make them satisfied.

Roadpro is applauded for its compact design and easy access. It is also loved by many because it is an incredibly convenient product that enhances road trips and camping trips. It is also quite safe which makes it suitable to have around kids.

BESTEK offers some great features which include the multiple functions that it offers its users. It is also loved for its compact and lightweight design which makes it portable and easy to travel with. The product can also be charged through the car which is another convenient feature it offers.

Dimplex has many great features and reviews. This desk heater is what everyone needs for those cold winter mornings. With its clutter-free design, it is ideal for offices. Its USB charging ports are another great feature to applaud.


In conclusion, the best heaters for a campervan are the ones that provide the greatest security, portability, and easy use. The products that we chose for you will not disappoint.


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