Are Oil Filled Radiators Safe?

Are Oil Filled Radiators Safe

Are oil filled radiators safe? A lot of people ask this question before buying oil-filled radiators. I am going to answer this precise question for you in this post.

An oil filled radiator is a type of electric radiator that works with the help of a thermodynamic oil. The electrical elements of the heater first heat the thermodynamic oil which then circulates through the entire length of the radiator. While doing so, it also heats up all the metal walls after which radiation begins. These radiators take about 15 to 20 min before they start heating up your room.

The radiator comes into action by heating the air that comes in contact with it. The heated air rises while the cooler air comes to the bottom. In this way, all the warm air goes up and the cooler air stays at the bottom which also gets heated up and goes up. The cycle continues and keeps the overall temperature of the room just the way you like it.

The main question that many people have regarding these heaters is if they are safe to use. We tried out a few oil filled radiators and have reached a conclusion. So, scroll down to find out whether oil filled radiators are safe or not.

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Are Oil Filled Radiators Safe

Safety Tests/ Certificates-

One way to confirm that the oil filled radiator you are getting is not dangerous is by ensuring whether it has passed any safety test or not. If it has passed any test, the radiator’s company will let you by mentioning the various certificates it has won. The presence of the certificate will just make your purchase much more reliable and trustworthy. 

Following are some of the certificates to look out for to make sure that the oil filled heater you are purchasing is safe:

• UL



• CE



The heater you are purchasing might have any other certificate other than the ones mentioned above since different countries have different certificates. All you have to make sure is that the certificate it has is legitimate. 

Does an oil filled heater release any fumes/ dangerous gases?

The answer is no. It is another plus point that answers our question are oil filled radiators safe because the absence of a burnable gas ensures that no gas leakage can occur. It also means that no dangerous gas will be present in your room.

Where should an oil filled radiator be placed?

Most manufacturers advise users to place the oil filled heater under a window or somewhere in the room where there is a cold draft. Placing the heater in these places would be both efficient and safe as the effects of the cold draft would be reduced and your room will be much more warmer.Be careful to not place this heater in front of or close to a power outlet as it can be hazardous.

Safety tips for oil filled radiators

Make sure that you do not run the cords of the heater under any anything and keep it uncovered to avoid any hazard. It is also generally advised to never leave any heater turned on overnight. Always plug-in the heater directly to a power socket and not to any extension cord or even a locatable power strip. One more thing to be careful about is that the air intakes are not covered or in any place where they might become blocked.

Benefits of oil filled radiators

Now that you know that oil filled radiators are safe to use, it’s time for you to know some of their benefits and why it would be a good choice to get.

  • Oil filled radiators equally distributes heat in a room.
  • They are also energy saving which means you can save a couple of dollars by using them. This is because all the electricity is used to generate heat by warming up the oil and none is wasted.
  • Oil filled radiators do not dry out the air of the room and maintain the air humidity, unlike many other heaters.
  • Usually oil filled radiators are small and portable. Moreover, even if the radiators are big, they often come with wheels so that you can transport them from one room to another.
  • They do not make any sort of noise while working which means you can sleep peacefully.
  • They have a thermostat that allows you to control the level of heat.
  • Another specialty of these heaters is that even after they are switched off, they tend to keep the room warm for some while.

Look out for the features we asked you to and use your oil filled heater carefully. Follow the safety tips and we are sure nothing will go wrong.

Are Oil Filled Radiators Safe

They are one of the safest kinds of radiators which can be on all night and you wouldn’t have to worry. In fact, many different heaters get so heated up that you or your child can get a burn just by touching it. Luckily, you will never experience this problem with an oil filled radiator. This is because the heating element i.e. the oil of these radiators is out of reach and cannot be touched.

In addition to this since the oil inside the radiator doesn’t need to be replaced, no one has to come in contact with it which not only makes it self-sustainable but also safe.

Most oil filled radiators include safety features. Some of these features include overheating protection or even a switch that will immediately switch off the heater when a problem is identified with it so that no safety hazard occurs.

Try getting an oil filled heater that has covered fins so that there is no sort of exposure to any warm surface and you can sit peacefully without worrying about a child or pet coming into contact with it. One more function to look out for and make sure your heater has is the tip-over switch which will automatically turn off the heater if it ever tips over and falls. The main purpose of this is to make sure that the heater does not create any fire.


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